Porcupine Opportunities Program offers a variety of employment opportunities along with competitive wages, benefit packages, professional development, on the job training, and career opportunities. If you are an optimist that cares for and takes pride in supporting others, are respectful, and enjoy doing a good job, you may find a great fit with us.

Types of jobs within our organization include:

Residential Support Workers: POP has three group homes and six Enhanced Supported Living suites. Each of the homes provide different levels of staff support for its residents depending on their needs. All of the homes are currently located in Porcupine Plain.

Shifts in the group homes are currently 2pm to 10pm (8 hours) and 10pm to 10am (12 hours) during the week. On weekends, the day shift starts at 10am to 10pm (12 hours). The night shift remains the same. Shifts in the Enhanced Supported Living Homes are currently 2pm to 10pm (8 hours) and 10am to 10pm on the weekend. Permanent staff typically work on a specific rotation (afternoons/evenings), with relief workers filling vacancies where needed.

Vocational Day Program Support Workers: These individuals support POP's participants during the day. Typically, individuals within the day program are those that are less independent due to a physical or intellectual disability. Activities in the day program will be based on the capability of the individuals as well as their interests. Typical hours of work are from 8:30am to 3pm Monday to Friday with some additional scheduled time for special events.

Relief Support Workers These employees fill shifts in residential or vocational programs where permanent staff are unable to make a shift. Typically, this is where many of our new employees start.

Industrial Wood Production Workers These individuals are part of the Wood Working Shop. This is typically physical work spent on producing wood products including core boxes for the mining sector and/or dunnage for the lumber industry. Time spent on production work versus supervising and/or working alongside participants varies depending on the assignment.

SARCAN: These individuals work at our recycling depots in Porcupine Plain and Hudson Bay. They receive and sort recycling, crush materials, load and ship containers, track products and clean the depot. The supervisors also provide management and oversite to their depots.

Other Leadership and/or Administrative positions in the agency include:

  1. General Manager
  2. Program Manager and Assistant Program Manager
  3. Office Manager and Assistant Office Manager
  4. Production Manager and Wood Production Supervisor
  5. Supported Employment Coordinator


Current Employment Opportunities

There are currently opportunities for relief Residential Support Workers. Starting wages are over $ 17.00/hour.  No experience is needed, just a positive attitude and a willingness to learn while you earn!!  Please connect with the agency for more information.