Porcupine Opportunities Program offers a variety of programming for individuals experiencing disability. This includes day programs in Porcupine Plain and Hudson Bay, supported employment programming, a seniors program, an industrial wood production shop, and a variety of supported residential services. An overview of the programming is listed below.


Day Programs

Porcupine Opportunities Program day programs are offered in Porcupine Plain and Hudson Bay, SK. These programs are focused on individuals who require a higher level of support. Programming includes a focus on providing basic life skills, building social skills, and increasing effective communication. Day program staff work to help individuals achieve life goals (small and large), increase their independence, and increase their community participation and integration. Day program staff provide focused support to small groups of participants which allows for both individualized and small group programming.

Supported Employment

POP offers a supported employment program to individuals participating in POP's vocational program. The program involves paid work opportunities and volunteerism both within the agency, in POP's store and laundromat, and outside the agency through partnerships with local businesses. Work opportunities are designed to fit individual interests and abilities with staff providing support through job searches, employer liaison, job preparation, coaching, mentoring, and evaluation.

POP is also a partner in the North East Supported Employment Program which provides employment services to individuals experiencing disability from across the northeast region.

Seniors Program

POP offers a specialized seniors programs to its participants. Programming includes time for sharing and connecting, crafts, games, and various social and recreational activities. Programming is currently offered weekly to all of POP's "seniors" interested in participating.

Industrial Wood Production Shop

POP operates a Wood Production Shop that focuses on the production of core boxes for the mining sector and, more recently, on the production of dunnage (spacers) for the wood industry. The agency also builds lawn furniture, planters, wood games, and other home based wood products as time permits. The "shop" provides vocational activity for a number of POP's participants in a supported environment. Under the supervision and support of the Production Manager and the Production Supervisor, individuals learn to cooperate and work together to achieve common goals in a supported environment.

Workshop panorama


All of Porcupine Opportunities Program residences are currently located in Porcupine Plain; however, the agency is open to working with parent and/or communities to explore options to support residential programming in other communities within the northeast region if there is a need expressed.

Group Homes

POP operates three group homes with sixteen residential spaces within Porcupine Plain. The homes are staffed by six regular staff (four day staff and two night staff). They provide 24-hour support on weekends and an average of 20 hours of support during each week day. Individuals qualify for group home spaces through assessments provided by the Ministry of Social Services. Most individuals within these homes require a higher level of care, either from a physical or behavioural perspective. The focus on programming is to meet the individual's personal care and emotional needs in a supportive home atmosphere. A secondary goal is to provide individuals with coaching and supports that enhances their lives, their social and communication skills, and their recreational enjoyment.

Enhanced Supported Living (ESLP)

POP operates two Enhanced Supported Living Residences, each attached to a group home. Regular staffing involves two individuals each working 8-hour shifts from 2pm to 10pm on rotation on weekdays, and a 12-hour shift from 10am to 10pm on weekends. Night staff from the attached group home check in on residents through the night. The ESLP's include two two-bedroom suites in one of the residences and three one-bedroom suites and one two-bedroom suite in the second residence. Total housing spaces available to fit eight individuals.

Supported Living Program (SLR)

POP has a four-plex apartment with four suites, three two-bedroom suites and one one-bedroom suite available for the use of supported living clients. Staffing for individuals in supported living is individualized and dependent on the needs of individuals as determined and/or confirmed by the Ministry of Social Services.