Funding and Supports

The Province of Saskatchewan, through the Ministry of Social Services, provides significant funding support to individuals accessing POP (and other agencies supporting adults experiencing disability) through the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability Program (SAID). Qualified individuals also receive support through Old Age Security Guaranteed Income Supplement (OAS), the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). POP provides additional support to individuals and the agency's programming through income generated from its various business programs and services.

The Ministry of Social Services also provides support to POP and other agencies by the provision of various services to individuals receiving support. This includes case workers that partner with agencies to define the supports needed for individuals, professionals that provide specialized support regarding program development and/or training, and individuals providing financial and/or administrative supports.

POP is a member of SARC, which is a nonprofit provincial association established in 1968 that provides services to nonprofit organizations to expand their potential and support the work they do in their communities. SARC supports it Members in the areas of training, consulting, services, and leadership. With a Membership of approximately 100 organizations, most of them, POP included, provide core, daily services to adults experiencing disability. SARC also manages the SARCAN Recycling system, which many of SARC's original members like POP have a stake in.

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Supported Employment 

POP operates an active supported emplooyment program involving both work in agency programs and within commercial businesses in Porcupine Plain and Hudson Bay.  The program is supported by funding through SARC's SETI program. 

At least 1/2 of the individuals the agency supports are able to participate in the various employment opportunities in POP's gift store and laundromat and with its supported employment partners. 

POP would like to recognize and acknowledge the commitment of these businesses to supporting individuals experiencing disability. They include:  

Blair's Funeral Home, Porcupine Plain

Modeon Theatre, Hudson Bay

Parkland Coop, Porcupine Plain and Hudson Bay

Quilly Willy Day Care, Porcupine Plain

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Porcupine Plain

Slobodian Pharmacy, Porcupine Plain