How do I become a member of the Board of Directors of the Agency?

 You may contact the Board Chair, or the General Manager. We would ask you to provide information on your background as well as references. The Board of Directors would consider your application against any current or upcoming vacancies on the Board and determine if your skill set and experience would complement those of the existing Board. We welcome all inquiries and interest!

What is the time commitment of a Board Member?

 The Board of Directors typically meets monthly, with the exception of July, and December. Meetings are usually two to three hours so this would amount to approximately 30 hours per annum as a base commitment. There would also be some additional time required for special meetings of the Board and/or Committee Meetings throughout the year; however, this would vary depending on which committees a director is on.

Are Board Members compensated for their service?

 No. Board Members are volunteers and are not paid for their time. They are, however, able to claim expenses (mileage, meals, and accommodation) if they incur them on agency business.

What does "not-for-profit" mean?

Porcupine Opportunities Program is set up as a not-for-profit charity. "Not-for-profit" means that the agency must put all of its earned income back into the organization. The agencies charity status means it can issue receipts for donations from individuals and/or businesses.



 How do I make a donation to POP?

Porcupine Opportunities Program is a registered charity and welcomes donations of all sizes. Donations can be directed to a particular individual or program or, alternatively, be contributed towards general programming and/or infrastructure at the agency. Porcupine Opportunities will issue a receipt for the donation that can be used for tax deduction purposes.

How is Porcupine Opportunities Program funded?

The agency is funded by both government and POP's business ventures.

The group home residential program and the day programs are funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, combined with other revenue sources where applicable, including CPP and old age pension payments, funding from First Nations in conjunction with Indigenous and Northern Affairs, and private funding for individuals with a personal trust. The income from these sources provides funds for staffing, most programming, facility upkeep, food, clothing, recreation, and transport, etc.

The supported living residential programs are funded by the Ministry and the individuals within these programs.

POP's business ventures provide additional funds to augment those received from Social Services including: transport, enhanced recreational opportunities and additional funds to meet individual's personal needs. The business ventures also provide opportunity for workplace readiness and training as well as supported employment opportunities.



How do I apply for and/or access a space in a group home or supported living home?

 Funding for operating POP's group homes and much of the funding for its supported living homes comes from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services. The Ministry has certain criteria that must be met by individuals seeking placement. One of these is that they must be 18 years or older (an adult) and the second is that they must have an intellectual disability.

Individuals must apply to the Ministry for placement. If they have had a previous assessment through the Ministry's Family and Child Services Department and/or Mental Health, the assessment may be waived. If not, they and their care givers would meet with professionals to assess the extent of their disability. The assessment would then determine the individual's eligibility for support and the level of care required.

Porcupine Opportunities Program staff can put interested families and/or individuals in touch with the regional Ministry staff that will help with this process.

Can I be part of the Day Program or Supported Employment Program without being part of the Residential Program?

 Yes. The agency will identify the supports required by the individual in conjunction with them and their caregiver.  There may be a fee for these services dependent on on the level of supports required. 



What is the wage rate for employment at POP?

 The starting wage rate at POP is very competitive with other employment opportunities in the area. The rate is increased by increments as employees reach 980 hours of work until the top of the wage scale is reached. Economic adjustments are applied at the discretion of the Board and typically tied to the increase of staffing dollars from POP's main funder, the Ministry of Social Services. Leadership and administrative staff receive compensation based on their position and level of responsibility.

What is the benefit package at POP?

POP offers a cost'shared benefit plan for staff that work an average of 20 or more hours/week. The plan includes medical and dental benefits as well as long term disability and life insurance. Employees and the employer also contribute 4% of the employee’s gross salary to a pension plan.

What experience do I need to work for POP?

 Most of the positions at POP are those associated with residential or day program support. There is no experience required for this work, however; there is substantive on the job training that the individual will be required to take. Individuals with "care-aide" training or those that are pursuing education in care-aide or nursing may be given the first opportunity at available positions.  

Management/Leadership positions require job-specific experience.

The agency does have some positions in our wood production shop. This is a physically based job where individuals work in an industrial environment alongside other team members and program participants.

We welcome applications on an ongoing basis.

How often do you hire?

 We advertise regularly for staff through Sask Jobs and Indeed; however, we also accept job applications on an ongoing basis to keep on file. If you would like us to keep you in mind for the next job opportunity, please submit a letter of interest and your resume to our administration office.

If one of my family members works for your agency, would I still be considered for a position?

 Yes. We employ a number of individuals who have a family member working for the agency. We would typically not have family members working concurrently at the same work site as a family member.

Do you accept volunteers?

 Yes. We treat a volunteer much like a new employee and assess what their interests and skill sets are as well as the time they would like to make available as a volunteer. Presuming we feel it is a fit, we would then match them with some different opportunities within the agency. We welcome all volunteers!